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Special Events & Program Ministry
The Special Events Ministry is looking for those with a gift for organizing and a knack for new ideas. We are responsible for coordinating all major church events, and ensuring they are carried out in the spirit of excellence. If you are blessed in these areas, we’d love to have you join us. The Program Coordinating Ministry is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our ministry. We are responsible for creating all ministry calendars, developing ads for the monthly events booklet and coordinating time slots for various church events throughout the year.
Christian Education Ministry
Our Christian Education Ministry embodies our three pillars of excellence: Evangelism, Education and Empowerment. This ministry educates you in God’s Word so that you can be empowered to evangelize and save souls for the Kingdom. If you are called to teach and expound on the Word of God, this ministry needs you.
New Foundation Ministry
New Foundation is designed to aid our new Covenant Partners as they transition into the ministry. The New Foundation ministry is responsible for assigning Deacons to all new partners, helping to equip them through the teaching of the six foundational classes, making follow-up calls with visitors and coordinating quarterly fellowships. We make numerous follow-ups with our members and strive to help and assist them in any way possible. Joining a new ministry can prove to be a bit overwhelming, therefore, we aim to be an extension of God’s love and the Pastor’s heart by helping to provide guidance and direction for all new partners. The New Foundation Ministry welcomes anyone with a heart for God and his people to join us as we attempt to be the loving arm of God at the Revelation Of Christ Church.
Come be a witness for the Lord through our Evangelism and outreach ministry. God has appointed us to go beyond the four walls of the church and compel men to come to Him by the preaching and teaching of His gospel. We plan community outreaches, revivals, as well as visit nursing homes and homeless shelters. We need people who are willing to work and labor for lost souls. We especially need men who can help transport and set up heavy equipment for our outside services.
Doorkeeper’s Ministry
The Doorkeepers help to keep order in the sanctuary by giving direction and seating covenant partners and visitors as they enter. We are an extension of God’s love and we give that love to everyone that enters into The Revelation of Christ Church. We are dedicated, committed servants to the Kingdom of God. We welcome those who wear a big smile on their faces and a warm heart. We offer you an opportunity to meet and greet at every service and share your gift of joy with everyone you come in contact with. Our goal is to make sure our visitors feel welcomed, are seated in a timely manner, and leave with the desire to return. Doorkeepers Ministry also has a junior program that begins with children aged 5 and up.
Caregiver’s Ministry
The Caregiver’s Ministry at the R.O.C. Church is an extension of our Pastor’s heart. The purpose of this ministry is to make sure our Covenant Partners know that we love and care for them. We keep in contact with members who may be sick or who may have a death in the family. We also make follow up calls to all visitors that visit the ministry to receive feedback on their worship experience. We enjoy letting our members and visitors know that they are loved and appreciated for coming to worship with us. We are an interactive ministry that reaches out to our Covenant Partners who may have relocated, and to our college students who have traveled to study. We do this by sending cards and service CDs to be sure that our absent family members know that the R.O.C. Church is thinking about them. To those who are sick or have experienced the loss of a loved one, we offer support in any way possible and try to meet some of their needs during that time. Caregiver’s Ministry is a rewarding and enjoyable ministry due to the service we provide to others. We welcome all those who have a caring and giving heart and a desire to serve for the good of the body of Christ. Please contact us at therocc@therevelationofchristchurch.org for any personal and family needs/inquiries.


Music Ministry
If you enjoy making a joyful noise unto the Lord, then we enjoy having you here. We are a high energy, Holy Spirit driven group of believers who love blessing the Lord at all times and letting His praise continually be in our mouth. All voices are welcome as we don’t discriminate. Our choir specializes, in all forms of music Ministry: Praise & Worship, Gospel Rap, Contemporary and we even take it back to the Old School days. Our choirs minister during our services each week: Praise and Worship Team, Children’s Choir, and our youth choir Leviticus.  God has anointed each of our choirs to destroy yokes of bondage and pull down strongholds. If playing an instrument is your gift, we welcome you as well. 
Dance Ministry
The Revelation Of Christ Church Dance Ministry is an innovative branch of ministry that uses our bodies to give praise to the Lord. We welcome all those with new ideas, talents, and a heart for ministry to glorify the Father through the ministry of dance. We are diversified in our styles of dance – from mime, to praise dance, to contemporary to hip-hop. If you hear the call to dance before the Lord like David, then this is the ministry for you. The R.O.C. Dance Ministry is open to children aged 4 to adult, and we welcome those with the heart of God who wish to assist with choreography. 


Drama & Divine Inspiration
If you have the gift of acting or writing, then our Divine Inspiration Ministry is for you. This ministry is dedicated to educating our audience in God’s Word through creative concepts and performances. We are looking for writers and actors to join our ministry to help us spread the Word of God.
Trini-P-Youth Ministry

Trini-P-Youth, (Positive Peer Pressure), is a compilation of all of our youth ministries which consist of Virtuous Girls, Real Boys, Doves, and Children’s Ministry. Our purpose and sole mission is to train up our children in the way that they should go, so that when they are older they will not depart from it. We incorporate a “no child left behind” mindset by using creative concepts to Evangelize, Educate, Empower and stir up the God-given gifts in our youth while strengthening their relationships with God and increasing their self-esteem through the word of God and building their faith in Him. We meet frequently with our youth to discuss the sometimes complex issues concerning today’s youth as well as to increase their spiritual growth. Our youth meet for New Breed on Sundays between church services and quarterly with Pastor Johnson at Real Roundtable discussions which address hot topics relative to today’s youth. We also fill their natural needs through fun trips and celebratory events that teach them to enjoy life in the Kingdom of God. 

Children’s Ministry
Children’s Ministry is dedicated to educating our youth through the uncompromising word of God that will allow them to be trained up in the way that they should go. We allow children to express their creativity and express themselves in Praise and Worship. We want them to not only know about God, but to know God for themselves – this will allow them to walk in their callings and fulfill the destiny God has planned for their lives.
Real Boys’ Ministry
The mission of the Real Boys Ministry is to build up the young men spiritually and to teach them how to evangelize to their peers. Each young man will be taught values, integrity, culture and also how to gage each lesson into everyday life, instilling in them at a young age, the importance of being effective in the body of Christ and to plant seeds in each young man to become leaders. #RealBoys
Doves’ Ministry
The Doves’ Ministry mission is to reach out to young girls ages 5-11 and stimulate them spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We aim to teach them who they are in Christ and how special they are to their heavenly Father. We want to teach these young women of God how to build self-esteem and confidence in themselves through the presence of God in their lives. A dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and purity. We believe that our Doves are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14).

Virtuous Girls Ministry

Virtuous Girls is a ministry for young ladies from 12 to 18 years of age. They come together to be educated and empowered. This ministry assists these young ladies in embracing their true destinies and fulfilling the great purpose that God has for their lives.
Angel Force
Angel Force Ministry is a part of the Trini-P-Youth ministry and we function as the PTO at your local school. We partner with Parents, Teachers, and Trini-P-Youth Leaders to provide for the needs of our children, while they are attending Children’s Church, during service and events that are held to educate, empower, and evangelize our youth.
College & Young Adult Ministry (CYAM)
The mission of our college & young adult ministry is to edify the collegiate body of Christ by reaching out to campuses across the city, providing an avenue for young Christians to grow in their relationship with Christ. To build-up and encourage integrity, character, and positive decision-making skills in young adults. To bring together like-minded individuals under the faith of God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism (Eph. 4:5) through Evangelism, Education, and Empowerment. To offer an opportunity for spiritual growth through bible studies and evangelism and to provide transportation for all. #LivingYoungandSaved #CYAM


Men’s Ministry

The goal of the Men’s Ministry is to reach men of from all walks of life through Evangelism, Education, and Empowerment by God’s Holy Word. We strive to strengthen the bond between men and provide an atmosphere where men can focus on the issues that affect us as men. We reach out to our community and show the love of God through various Christian events such as Men’s Bible Study, Men Fellowship Outings, and our Annual Men’s Advance in order to truly establish God’s will for His Children and bring them back to the body of Christ. 
Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry of The Revelation Of Christ Church seeks to evangelize, educate and empower women to live out their God-given purpose to its fullest potential in ministry, in their homes, and in their lives. It is our desire to help strengthen each woman of God to draw closer to Him and know who they are in Christ so that they can, in return, encourage one another and lend a helping hand to someone else. For more information about our monthly events and the O.N.E. with the Father Conference & Advance visit our site at www.onewiththefather.org or email us at WomenROCC@onewiththefather.org. Follow us on Twitter @1withthefather #onewiththefather 


singles’ Ministry
The Single’s Ministry is a socially active ministry, ministering to the needs of the widowed, divorced, never married and separated adults. The mission of the Single’s Ministry is to study the word of God and learn ways of incorporating His teachings in daily living, discuss problems associated with being single, and offer Christian techniques for solving those problems. We strive to present a positive image of Christian singleness. We interact and fellowship with other singles throughout the Lowcountry.  If you are single and would like to help organize outings, prepare for studies, and have creative ideas to enhance this ministry, we encourage your participation. This ministry is all about being Single, Sanctified, and Satisfied and having fun with it. 

One Flesh

One Flesh Ministry is a ministry that is based on the foundation of love, built around the concept of two becoming one. God created male and female with the intent of them spending the rest of their lives together. Our intent is to help couples have a Christ-centered marriage. Our endeavor is to help couples and families discover or rediscover the love that God intended from the creation for husband and wife, Genesis 2:24. We provide opportunities to enhance, encourage and empower couples, using biblical truths.
Website & Graphic Design
Do you have an interest in designing websites or creating program & event flyers for marketing, if so then this ministry is for you! The Website & Graphic Design team is responsible for updating the church websites as well as monitoring and posting items on our social media pages. This ministry tweets the Word that is coming forth during service making sure that those streaming online, or following us on Twitter can be interactive during our Sunday and Wednesday services . If you enjoy web design, social media, creating flyers, and you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, please see the ministry leader or assistant leader for further information. 
Sound & Media Ministry 
Our ministry is a creative evangelism tool. Our goal is to lift up the word of God through audio, video, and all other media outlets that God deems necessary, so that He may draw all men unto Him. If you have an interest or have experience in any media field, we would love to have you on our team. This includes, but is not limited to, computer technology, web design, graphic design, sound board operation, as well as camera operation, filming, and lighting operations. Sound and Media Ministry is also responsible for, live broadcast of each service, recording commercials for special events, and for producing audio and video teaching DVD/CDs. Contact soundandmedia@therevelationofchristchurch.org for more information.
Building & Maintenance
Building and Maintenance encompasses a wide variety of areas. The primary duties include the facilitation of all repairs and housekeeping needs in the church. This ministry also manages contract negotiations for various building projects and supervises purchase orders which are used in the payment process for products and services rendered at The Revelation Of Christ Church. Overall this area of ministry ensures that all of the physical areas of the church are running smoothly and efficiently. We greatly encourage and appreciate anyone who has carpentry, painting, electric, lawn and garden or masonry skills. The church is the Lord’s house and we want to keep it beautiful.
Security & Parking Ministry 
Two ministries-One focus: To ensure the safety and security of the sanctuary, CDC, and all parking areas during all services or special events.
Healthcare Team Ministry
If you would enjoy helping others by educating them on how to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors, our Healthcare Team could use you. We educate our members on various healthcare issues and assist them in finding the resources they need to stay well. For more information on the Healthcare Team and events email therocc@therevelationofchristchurch.org. #health 

Partners For A Better Community

Do you have a desire to help your community? Partners For A Better Community (PBC) was designed to evangelize, educate and empower the surrounding community through programs that are divinely inspired. To teach relational skills that promote entrepreneurial and educational opportunities that help families become more effective spiritually, socially, physically and economically. We bridge the gap between the church, community, organizations and business that exist within the surrounding cities by building relationships and establishing friendships through faith-based programs, and build strong character and integrity within the persons in the community by teaching each one to reach one. Email us @ marketing@thepartnersforabettercommunity.org. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePBC_Org 
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