LET NOTHING STOP YOU! The Kingdom of God is Within You…

     It has truly been awhile since I last posted my blog on January 22 about living in your passion for Christ in this New Year!  And since then I know that statement has been  tested in our lives, in yours and mine!  I know we have already been confronted with tests, trials, struggles and even distractions that have tried to take us back to what we used to do in 2015. However, I  had to tell my past “NO” and purpose in my heart that I will accomplish what God has for me to do this year!  I have a personal “bucket list” of things that I want to do this year that I am purposely checking off.  Some of it is fun, vacation plans, relax more, laugh more, and spend time with family and friends but most of it is what I know I have been purposed and have a 

PASSION to do (i.e. finishing my 2nd book and getting my song recorded, etc.)!  I have made up my mind that nothing or no one is going to hinder me this year from what I know God has called me to do; NOT EVEN MYSELF 🙂 That is the key factor though, isn’t it?  Because when it really comes down to it, the only one who can hinder me or you from accomplishing our goals is ourselves!

So, as we approach Resurrection Sunday, and reflect on the Passion of Christ, in the midst of hatred, adversity and even death, we have to dwell in this time of consecration and use it a time to draw upon His strength to overcome.  We have use this as a time to 
REPENT, turn from anything that would hinder or bind.  See this as a time that as the seasons change, of NEW LIFE being poured into us so that we can further the Kingdom of God; new life that only God can give to help you live this life in His abundance of joy and peace each day.  I love our theme scripture this month at The R.O.C. Church which says “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is in within you.”, Luke 17:21.  You don’t have to go searching for the power to live out your purpose!  The kingdom of God, the power of God to overcome obstacles, have dominion over the enemy, have authority to tread upon serpents and ANYTHING negative that would try and stop you, and the glory to see beyond your current problem or situation, and still keep an “eagle eye view”, IS WITHIN YOU
!  You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who loves you (Romans 8:37).  So, walk in it.  Live in the power that God has placed on the inside of you through His Son!
     Remember, it is not about our own personal desires or bucket lists to benefit ourselves. It is all about how God will use what He has given us to help touch and transform the lives of someone else, even if we give someone clothes in time of need or make someone smile who needs to laugh.  So, you can’t quit. You can’t give up.  You are apart of the Kingdom of God! You are valuable.  You are purposed. And souls will be saved by the very gift of God on the inside of you!  So, now 

This I profess in Jesus name!

First Lady J



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